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Browse through our selection of lunch classics.



Select from a variety of preset nutritional lunches or use your imagination and create your own custom lunch.



Each Lunchy Club lunch will be prepackaged, sealed, and ready for refrigeration.

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Have any

If you have any other question(s) about our services, please reach out to us to contact information. We are here to help!

When are the meals delivered?

All orders are shipped on Friday with a Saturday delviery.

When do my orders need to be submitted?

Orders for the upcoming Saturday deliveries must be submitted by 11:59pm Tuesday. Any orders submitted after this time will be delivered the following Saturday.

Our Menu page will also show you when the next scheduled delivery is if you were to order that day.

Can I cancel an order?

Each user has until 11:59 pm on Tuesday of the current week to cancel an order. All orders after this time will be processed and non-refundable.

Are the lunch boxes recyclable?

Yes, absolutely! The boxes are even eco-friendly!

Do the sandwiches come with condiments on it?

No. To keep all sandwiches fresh, we include one mustard and one mayonnaise pack with each lunch. Each lunch also comes with a pre-packaged spork and napkin.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. We are a fully insured company and licensed by the USDA.

How are the sandwiches packaged?

All sandwiches come packaged in heat-sealed and tamper evident Ziplock bags. This ensures that once the sandwich has been made, the package has not been opened before it arrives to you.